Mike Ferrara

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Colorado Denver

Contact Info

My CV - Updated 9/01/15. (Long form - read at your own risk!)

Actually me, not Dom Deluise


My research area is Graph Theory and Combinatorics, including
  • Extremal Problems for Degree Sequences
  • Cycles in Graphs
  • H-Linked Graphs and Digraphs
  • Minimal Saturated Graphs
  • Distinguishing Graph Colorings

My research is currently funded by a Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians. This a great new program, and I would be happy to share my application materials with anyone who might find them useful.

Here is an updated list of my Publications and submitted papers.

Community STEM Clubs

I am the program director for the CU Denver Community STEM Clubs (CSC) Program , which is organizing or assisting with several STEM clubs at local schools. CSC's excellent graduate facilitators and graduate peer mentor are working to bring STEM to life for students all over greater Denver.