Math 4/5779: Mathematics Clinic (Fall 2011)

Simulation Optimization

sponsored by: United Launch Alliance

Course Logistics:

Meeting Times: TR 3:30-4:45 p.m.  : (Section 001)
Room: TBD
Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor
Call Numbers:
  MA4779: #  31833
  MA5779: #  31834


Stephen Billups
(303) 556-4814

Office: CU-Denver Bldg, room 607
web page:
The Mathematics Clinic is a 3-credit course intended to give students practical experience applying mathematics to solve real-world problems. The clinic is conducted as a research team, with the students and faculty working together to solve a problem of interest to a sponsor.  
Students should have a strong mathematical or technical background, but need not be mathematics majors.

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