Vita of Harvey J. Greenberg, Professor Emeritus
University of Colorado Denver
Personal. 74 years old, U.S. citizen, married
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from The University of Miami, 1962.
Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research (statistics minor) from The Johns Hopkins University, 1968.
Postdoctoral Fellow in Operations Research at Stanford University, 1971-2.
Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics, University of Colorado Denver
1983-08: Professor of Mathematics, University of Colorado at Denver.
2001-08: Adjunct Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, CU-Denver.
Adjunct Professor of Preventive Medicine & Biometrics, CU School of Medicine.
2001-03: Director, CU Center for Computational Biology, CU-Denver
1976-83: Division Chief, Office Director, then Senior OR Analyst, Energy Information Administration.
1974-76: Associate Professor of Computer Science and Director of Northern Virginia Graduate Computer Science Program, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.
1973-74: Senior analyst, Management Science Systems.
1968-73: Associate Professor of Systems Engineering, Computer Science and Operations Research, Southern Methodist University.
Research. My publications are listed separately here.
Awards and Honors.
2007: INFORMS Computing Society created the "Harvey J. Greenberg Award for Service to ICS" (see
2001: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Outstanding Service Award (competitive)
1999: Canadian Operational Research Society Harold Larnder Prize for having "achieved international distinction in Operational Research."
1996: CU-Denver Fellowship (1 year research pursuit).
1993: CU-Denver Chancellor's Lectureship Award for Outstanding Scholarship (based primarily on research).
1993: ORSA Recognition of Service, as founding editor of ORSA Journal on Computing.
1988: CU-Denver CLAS Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research.
1986: ORSA/CSTS Prize for "research excellence in the interfaces between operations research and computer science" (first recipient; now the INFORMS Computing Society).
1985: Association for Computing Machinery Recognition of Service.
1978: Department Of Energy Outstanding Achievement.
Journal Editorial Boards.
INFORMS Journal on Computing (Advisory)
2004-12: Algorithmic Operations Research
2002-08: Computational Management Science

Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms
1999-08: INFORMS Transactions on Education (electronic)
1998-08: Advanced Modeling and Optimization (electronic)
1995-01: Interactive Transactions of OR/MS (electronic)
1994-04: Journal of Heuristics
1994-02: International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management
1988-: Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
1987-92: ORSA Journal on Computing (Founding Editor, subsequently Advisory Editor (1992-); now called INFORMS Journal on Computing)
1986-89: American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences
1986-87: Operations Research Letters (Founding Editor of Software Section)
1980-87: Communications of ACM (OR/MS Departmental Editor)
1979-83: Operations Research
1977-80: ACM Transactions On Mathematical Software
Professional Service. Before retirement in 2008 I have routinely participate in organizing sessions and workshops for meetings, refereeing papers and proposals, and editing special issues of journals. Below are specific services I have given to particular organizations.

Biomedical Research Institutions Information Technology Exchange (BRIITE). I served on the Steering Committee 2001-3 and hosted the Spring 2002 meeting, which had the theme: Research in a Regulated Environment.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), formerly the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA). I first joined ORSA as a student in 1966. In 1968 I was associate program chairman for the ORSA semi-annual meeting. In 1975 I was program chairman for the ORSA/TIMS semi-annual meeting, and I was co-chairman (with Fred Murphy and Susan Shaw) in 1981. I was a co-founder of the Computer Science Special Interest Group and its second Chairman. I led its becoming a Technical Section, and in 1984 I served a second term as its Chairman. In 1985, I organized the first CSTS symposium on The Impacts of Microcomputers on Operations Research, hosted by the University of Colorado at Denver. I have served on the planning committees for each one since then (every two years). In 1978 I was the ORSA liaison to the Mathematical Programming Society, and I served on the Long Range Planning Committee. I was a Visiting Lecturer in the ORSA/TIMS program (1977-1989), and I have served on ad hoc committees. In 1974 I co-edited a special issue of Operations Research on the interfaces with computer sciences, and I later joined the editorial board as an associate editor (1979-1983). I was the founding editor of ORSA Journal on Computing (1987- 92), which covers the interfaces between operations research and computer science, and I subsequently served as an Advisory Editor. In 1990, I served on the Lanchester Prize Committee. In 2003-4 I was the organizer for Tutorials/Plenary/Keynote speakers for the Denver INFORMS meeting (2004). In 2005 I founded the TutORials in Operations Research series and served as its first Editor.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). I have given presentations over the years. In 1999 I gave a Short Course in the SIOPT meeting that preceded the general SIAM meeting.

Mathematical Programming Society. I co-founded the Committee On Algorithms (COAL) and was its third Chairman. I helped establish guidelines for algorithm testing, and I co-organized an international conference, Design and Implementation of Optimization Software, co-sponsored by NATO, in 1978.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). I was Secretary for the ACM Special Interest Group in Mathematical Programming (SIGMAP), and I organized their only international conference, co-sponsored by National Bureau of Standards, in 1976. I have served as associate editor for the Transactions On Mathematical Software (1977-1980), and as OR/MS Department Editor for Communications of ACM (1980-87).

National. I have served on a variety of NSF Panels, notably Graduate Research Fellowship (2004); ITR panel for Large proposal (2002); CCLI (1999); and, an IGERT onsite visit and review (2002). In 1987, I served on the Fellowship Evaluation Committee for the National Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences to determine fellowships given to U.S. graduate students. I was a U.S. member of three NATO planning committees: an ARI on optimization software (1978), an ARI on energy modeling and analysis (1980), and an ASI on decision support modeling (1987).

University Service. At Southern Methodist University I served on the Curriculum Committee, Admissions Committee, and Ph.D. Proposal Committee, which successfully instituted a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Operations Research. I also served on various ad hoc committees convened by the Dean of Engineering. I chaired the Engineering Administration Committee, formed to supervise and plan a special program leading to a Master of Science in Engineering Administration. I also formed undergraduate student forums to stimulate self-initiated study by students and acquaint them with research.

At VPI, I administered the Northern Virginia off-campus graduate program in Computer Science. Working closely with the Blacksburg faculty, I developed viable programs of study, hired adjunct faculty from the D.C. technical community, and expanded enrollments through promotional efforts.

At CU-Denver I was Director of the Mathematics Clinic (1985-1989), which is a program that arranges cooperative problem-solving efforts with institutions, faculty and students. In this capacity I brought financial and technical support to the Mathematics Department from companies and government agencies. I have served on numerous standing and ad hoc committees for the Mathematics Department, for the College of Arts and Sciences, and for the Denver campus. During 1983-85, I chaired the Ph.D. proposal committee, resulting in successful initiation of a multi-disciplinary graduate program leading to a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with options in computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, engineering mathematics, operations research, probability, and statistics. I was a founding member of the Computational Mathematics Group (now the Center for Computational Mathematics), formed to promote research and special program development. I was the Denver campus representative to the Colorado Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and I was a founding member of the Center of Applied Artificial Intelligence, when it was based in the Graduate School of Business at CU-Boulder. I was the Department web supervisor, and I had designed The Use of the Web for Teaching Mathematics. In 1997 I was elected to the campus Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Committee, and I served as its Chair, 1999-2001. In 2004-06, I was elected to the College RTP Committee (Dean's Advisory). I was founding Director of the CU Center for Computational Biology, which fostered research and education collaborations among faculty, students, and company sponsors. Directly related to being the CCB Director, I served on several CU taskforces to build bioinformatics programs at CU.

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