Forthcoming Publications

  • French, J. P. Confidence Regions for the Level Curves of Spatial Data. Submitted. 
  • Harrington, J. and French, J.P. A Pattern of Sunspot-Sealevel Change at Long and Short Timescales Across the Indo-Pacific. Submitted.
  • French, J.P. and Hoeting, J.A. Bayesian Credible Regions for Hotspots. In preparation. 
  • French, J.P. Hotspot Identification for Massive Spatial Data Sets. In preparation. 


  • French, J.P. and Sain, S.R. (2013) Spatio-Temporal Exceedance Locations and Confidence Regions.  Annals of Applied Statisitcs.  7(3), 1421--1449. 
  • French, J.P. and Davis, R.A. (2013). The asymptotic distribution of the maxima of a Gaussian random field on a lattice. Extremes. 16(1), 1–26. 
  • Pingry O’Neill, L.N., Markward, M.J., and French, J.P. (2012). Predictors of Graduation among College Students with Disabilities. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability. 25(1), 21–36. 

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