Mike Ferrara

Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Colorado Denver

Contact Info

My CV - Updated 3/18/14. (Long form - read at your own risk!)

Actually me, not Dom Deluise


My research area is Graph Theory and Combinatorics, including
  • Extremal Problems for Degree Sequences
  • Cycles in Graphs
  • H-Linked Graphs and Digraphs
  • Minimal Saturated Graphs
  • Distinguishing Graph Colorings

My research is currently funded by a Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians. This a great new program, and I would be happy to share my application materials with anyone who might find them useful.

Publications: An updated list of my Publications and my submitted papers.

Collaborators and Current Graduate Students: An updated list of my graduate students and other collaborators