The Zenas Hartvigson Memorial
Math Education Resource Center (MERC Lab)
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North Classroom Building, Room 4013 [Phone:  (303)315-1712 currently Out of Order!]
Hint:  We are physically closed due to COVID-19 Lockdown Summer 2021.

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MERC Lab meetings during SUMMER 2021!
[You must have some form of webcam & microphone in order to participate!]

Grad Student Evan S.'s Zoom Room:
Grad Student Negar J.'s Zoom Room:
Student Anna O.'s Zoom Room:
Student Emma G.'s Zoom Room:
Mike K.'s Zoom Room:
[Mike K. is no longer on the regular schedule, but if you need to make a special
appointment, please email him at]

All of the Assistants can help you with the standard courses up through Calc. 3.
If it is a 3000-level course, then please ask!
The grad students typically has more experience with statistics & advanced MATH courses.

Click [HERE] for our Monday thru Friday Schedule!
Tentatively, we are open all afternoons from 12noon to 4pm
and we have a few hours in the morning (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday).
This schedule will be updated when new assistants are added!

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