Prerequisite Information for MATH 1070/1110
[Come to North Classroom 4013 (NC4013)!]

Technically, there is NO testing prerequisite for students registering for
MATH 1070 [Business Algebra] or MATH 1110 [College Algebra].
In theory, by being admitted to UCD, the Admissions Office assumes that
you have *some* knowledge of High School Algebra II, which is equivalent
to Intermediate Algebra (MAT 055 at most community colleges).  We feel
that this knowledge should be reasonably fresh even if you took a similar
course within the last two years.  You may register, but understand that you
will be required to take a skills test on the first day of class.  The result will
not preclude you from continuing the course, but the instructor WILL assign
some extra work for you to "make up" in order to come up to speed in
MATH 1070/1110.  If you have some concerns about your preparation for
either of these course, PLEASE drop by NC4013 for a consultation.


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Last updated:   13 November 2017 by Mike Kawai.