Prerequisite Information for MATH 1401 (Calculus I)
[Come to North Classroom 4015 (NC4015)!]

If you have MET WITH YOUR ADVISOR and have previously fulfilled at least
one of the prerequisites (ACT-MATH score, SAT-MATH score,  MyMathTest)
for Calculus I, then you only need to get Mike Kawai's (or an administrator on the
6th Floor of the CU-Denver Bldg.) signature to manually register at the
Bursar's/Registrar's Office or a Permission Number for on-line registration.

Click here for the prerequisites list.

If you have NOT met any of the prerequisites, then please come to the MERC Lab
and obtain the PREREQUISITE Testing Information.
DO NOT WAIT for the first week of class to qualify for your desired course!
Testing resources become scarce once the semester begins and we are not responsible
if *you* run out of registration time or if seats in the desired section of your course
are unavailable.

The prerequisite test for Calculus I is proctored in the MERC Lab.  If you are
registering for an on-line section of MATH 1401, and you live more than 100 miles
away from the UCD Campus, the please call us at
(303)556-8532[MERC Lab].
It is *possible* that we can proctor your exam remotely, but understand that there
may be some incompatibility with workstations that are not controlled by us.  It may
turn out that we will not be able to offer the test at a site nearer to where you live,
and thus, you would need to wait until you show up at UCD to take the prerequisite

Please read the procedures below CAREFULLY if you want to pass the MyMathTest
Prerequisite Test for Calculus I:


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