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My MERC Lab Office is located at:
North Classroom Building, Room 4015 [Phone:  (303)315-1712]
Do NOT leave voicemail messages here, as the Assistants cannot reply to them.
If you have MERC Lab business, then please email this account:

If you need the ALEKS Placement Tool, then click here.
[This only works for College Algebra (1110), College Trigonometry (1120),
Precalculus (1130), and Calculus 1 (1401).  This link will take you outside of
the MATH Dept. server!]

My Math Dept. Office is located at:
Student Commons Building, Room 4011

My Teaching Schedule for SUMMER 2019:
MATH 2421-001 [Calculus 3]:  MWF 9:00am-11:30am in North Classroom NC 1202
MATH 2421-002 [Calculus 3]:  MWF 1:15pm-3:45pm in North Classroom NC 1604
MATH 3200-001 [Differential Eqns.]:  TR 1:15pm-3:45pm in North Classroom NC 1204

Office Hours:
For Calc. 3:  MWF 8:30am-9:00am in NC 1202.
For Calc. 3:  MWF 12:45pm-1:15pm in NC 1604
For Diff. Eqns.:  TR 12:45pm-1:15pm in NC 1204
Shorter conversations can be held after lecture, in MERC Lab (NC 4013).

Notes/Handouts for Calc. 3 can be accessed here.

Here is the rough cut of my Learning Glass video for Calc. 3.
It is a large file (644 MB), but it should stream on your video player.
I talk about the Net UPWARD Flux problem:    LG01

Send comments to  Mike.Kawai@ucdenver.edu.
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