Michael McCourt

Hello everyone. I am Mike McCourt, a Visiting Assistant Professor at CU-Denver, and I am teaching several classes for the Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Department.

Below you can see information related to those classes, as well as research and professional content. Beneath that, you can see things I found on the internet that I think are awesome; they are mostly sports related.

My research is focused on numerical methods, primarily applied to approximation theory involving positive definite kernels. I also enjoy numerical linear algebra, statistics and topics involving math education.


Previous Teaching

Some helpful content can be found on some of my earlier classes.


Curriculum Vita - PDF


Selected talks
Selected papers


Best. Tag. Ever.
Always check the runner.
That's the same way I putt.
These kids are adorable, and they love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
This hit-and-run artist is hilarious. I miss living in Chicago.
Old School Faceoff
Branko Milanovic - CUNY Graduate Center
Jean-Claude Van Damme - how awesome.
From Mark Duggan, top health economist in the White House's Council of Economic Advisers from 2009 to 2010, regarding the potential for health care reform to destroy the economy:
"You've got 5.7 million firms in the U.S. Only 210,000 have more than 50 employees. So 96% of firms aren't affected. Then if you look among those firms with 50 or more employees, something on the order of 95% offer health insurance. So it's basically 10,000 or so employers who have more than 50 employees and don't offer coverage"

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