Math 3200 Differential Equations

Fall 2013

Instructor: Michael McCourt

The Boss is: OUT

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  • Michael McCourt :
    • Office : CU Building 639
    • Office Hours :
      • Section 001 : TR 2:30pm-3:30pm
      • Section 002 : MW 2:45pm-3:45pm
    • Problem Solving Hours: link


12/08 - A typo in question 5 has been corrected. The solution was correctly worked out already.
12/06 - The solutions to the practice final have been posted.
12/06 - Note that a typo in problem 10 in the practice exam has been corrected.
12/05 - There was an error in the solutions to quiz 10 for section 001. I have corrected it, so please update your files accordingly.
12/04 - The notes for the final exam are also available now. I'll post the solutions eventually.
12/03 - The practice final has been posted. I'll have the notes and the answers up later today, I think.
11/28 - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/17 - The final homework has been posted and will be due the last day of classes.
11/17 - Solutions to the 9th quiz have been posted.
11/15 - The tenth homework has been posted and is due next week.
11/10 - I made small updates to the homework to make the problems closer to what is in the book. There were two typos in the original version.
11/07 - The ninth homework has been posted, so get to work.
10/31 - Section 001: Class is canceled on this day, so please do not show up. Feel free to organize independent study sessions to prepare for the upcoming lecture, lol.
10/28 - The eighth homework has been assigned and will be due next week.
10/23 - Section 002: You have an exam on this day. PREPARE FOR IT. If you feel you need extra help working problems, consider attending a problem solving session.
10/22 - Section 001: You have an exam on this day. PREPARE FOR IT. If you feel you need extra help working problems, consider attending a problem solving session.
10/20 - A typo in the answer to problem 5 of the practice exam was corrected. Please see the updated solution.
10/17 - Fixed a bug with the link to one of the quiz 6 files. It should be working now.
10/16 - The seventh homework has been posted. Note that we have a slightly extended due date than what was on the syllabus, so that you can spend time preparing for the exam.
10/15 - Solutions to the 6th quiz have been posted. Get ready for that exam next week!
10/13 - I have posted the practice exam solutions so that you can see if you know what you are doing.
10/09 - Note that I've made some small corrections to the syllabi for these classes, as one of the classes I had listed took place on a Friday. Nothing serious, I'm just giving you a heads up.
10/08 - A practice exam has been posted. The solutions will be up eventually.
10/07 - Section 002: I forgot to record your grade for quiz 5. Please either email it to me or bring it to class on Wednesday.
10/04 - The 5th quiz solutions have been posted along with the 6th homework which is due in a week.
09/26 - Solutions for the section 002 quiz 4 have been posted now.
09/24 - The fifth homework has been posted. Get to work people.
09/24 - Solutions to the fourth quiz for section 001 have been posted. Section 002 is up tomorrow.
09/18 - The solutions to the third quiz have been posted.
09/18 - I have created a poll at Doodle which will help us schedule a problem solving session to supplement the standard lecture times. If you would be interested in that session, please fill out the poll and we will see what time are good for everyone.
09/18 - In response to the fact that I probably asked too many problems on the last homework, the third homework has been posted. It's not due for a while, but I was feeling good so I took some time to type it up early.
08/30 - The solutions to the first quiz for Section 001 are posted now. Remember that Question 1.b will be graded generously to make up for the fact that it was harder than I wanted it to be.
08/29 - I have finally been provided access to Canvas, so I am copying the relevant material over there. I will still keep stuff here mainly, but grades will be posted over there.
08/28 - I have posted the solutions to the first quiz for Section 002. If you are in 001, don't forget that your quiz is tomorrow.
08/28 - I have adjusted the schedule, because I can't finish sections 2.3-2.4 in one lecture. The syllabi have been updated, as has the second homework. Please make sure to also do the 2 new problems from 2.5 that I have added.
08/27 - The second homework has been posted and will be due next week. Don't forget that there is a quiz coming up which covers homework 1.
08/22 - Fixed a typo on the first homework problem 1.2-9.
08/19 - The first homework has just been posted, and will be due next week. I'm working trying to put it on Canvas as well, though it's not going well.
08/08 - Just starting the page setup. More to come.