Math 4810/5310 Probability

Fall 2013

Instructor: Michael McCourt

The Boss is: OUT

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  • Michael McCourt :
    • Office : CU Building 639
    • Office Hours : MW 1:45pm-2:45pm
    • Problem Solving Hours : link


12/11 - The Final Exam is this day at the normal class time and in the normal class location.
12/08 - The notes for the final exam have been posted. Use them to help you prepare.
12/01 - The solutions to the final two homeworks have been posted so that you can study them to prepare for the exam.
11/17 - Solutions to the 7th and 8th homework assignments have been posted.
11/15 - The 10th homework has been posted and is due next week. Get to work on it soon, because the content from 10.4 is kinda difficult.
11/09 - No problems from the 9th assignment must required to be submitted, so feel free to work them whenever.
11/03 - I've finally typed up the 8th homework. Sorry it took so long.
10/21 - Our first exam will be on this day. PREPARE FOR IT. If you have questions in preparation, my help schedule (in addition to appointments) can be found here.
10/18 - Note that a couple answers have been corrected on the practice exam: 4a, 5b and 5c were incorrect. If you were getting those wrong, now you know it was my fault.
10/17 - The seventh homework has been posted, but you do not have to rush to complete it. Make sure you are ready for the exam on Monday!
10/16 - All the homework solutions for content that will appear on the exam have been posted.
10/13 - The practice exam solutions have been posted. Note that I found an error in the exam help sheet that has been explained in the notes section, and will be corrected for the real exam.
10/09 - A practice exam is now available for your consumption. I'll have the answers up eventually.
10/08 - I have some extra notes that I failed to cover in class. These deal with the Method of Transformations and are straight from the book. You may need these to perform your homework, and the concept is broadly useful. Please ask questions if you are having difficulty with the idea.
10/07 - The sixth homework has been posted. Lots of cool problems, so get to work.
10/02 - Graduate students, see Canvas for a list of topics that you can present on during class. I'd like to make sure everyone presents at least once.
10/01 - The fifth homework has been posted and is due on Monday. Lemme know if you need any help.
09/22 - The fourth homework is now available. Get to work people.
09/11 - The third homework is up now, but I haven't yet typed up the problems, so I'll yet you know when I make a PDF. Until then, you can still use the book to do the problems.
09/05 - Okay, the second homework has been posted and is due on the 11th. There are quite a few problems, so get to work. I'll get to work grading your first homeworks.
08/08 - Just starting the page setup. More to come.