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Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

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During the 2019-20 academic year, I will once again be overseeing the department's interaction with the International College of Beijing as well as helping to oversee the CU Succeed Mathematics program. I will be teaching Math 3000, which is our undergraduate "Introduction to Proof" course, and will again be employing the help of an LA, to increase the classroom participation in daily student-based activities. In addition, I expect to be teaching our Graph Theory course and will use "the swivl" to record lectures, and offer the course as MCKE 5409 - online - for teachers. In class, encouraging peer-to-peer learning, I expect will be helpful to expand upon the learning that results.

In addition, we are in the fifth year our NSF funded project to explore the enhanced GTA instruction and the impact on early undergraduate success, that results. Recently, we were awarded two new collaborative NSF projects. The intent of one project, is to replicate our doctoral training program and extend the research to better understand the impact on the graduate students, as well as the undergraduate students they teach. In addition, I am the co-PI on an S-STEM (Scholarships in STEM) for academically talented students with financial need. The project will provide access to over $1M to students at CU Denver, with research being conducted on the increase impact on student success. I am on two NSF project Advisory Boards - one primarily studying the professional needs of doctoral students in the Mathematical Sciences, and how the community can best prepare these students for their professional careers and the second pertaining to early teaching experiences for future teachers.

Research Interests

Graph Theory and Combinatorics is the area of my primary research interest. I have published recently on the following topics:

  • Irregular Labelings of Graphs and Digraphs
  • Cycle Structure in Combinatorial Structures
  • Generalized Ramsey Theory
  • Degree Sequences
  • Saturation Number of a Graph

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