I am originated in a small but beautiful village of Bangladesh. With the aspiration of being a lifelong learner, I have learned about the beauty of Mathematics, the uncertainty of Statistics and potentials of genetics.

My research interests are in the area of statistical genetics. I am fascinated to apply my mathematics background from my undergraduate and graduate programs to understand human disease using human in- heritance. To achieve this goal, I am working towards a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics focusing on statistics and genetics. I have research experience in studying complex traits, understanding the architecture of diseases and developing a predictive polygenic risk score for vitiligo. My Ph.D. dissertation is focused on the incor- poration of disease heterogeneity into association studies and modeling multivariate secondary phenotypes to uncover subtypes of complex disease and improve the statistical power of association model simultane- ously. My research interests include genetic risk prediction, disease subtyping, precision medicine, genetic association studies, statistical modeling, machine learning, and data analysis.

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