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Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I've organized my home page into the four categories listed below. The first three are self-explanatory. The fourth is explained as follows. Over the past several years a variety of students have approached me with questions about problems that have appeared on the Ph.D. prelims, both the applied analysis and the applied linear algebra. As I have responded to their questions I have occasionally been inclined to write up related review material, especially when I felt that the concepts were important, maybe not readily available, or just because I felt like it. My goal is to prepare a number of relatively short treatments of material that might appear on the exams, usually along with the solution of one or more problems that have appeared on the exams. The first topic that captured my attention was that of infinite products, and I have long been intrigued by Euler's formula for $\z(2k)$. So the first Prelim Primer deals with these subjects. From time to time additional Primers may appear in random order.

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