Stephanie A. Santorico, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Statistical Programs
University of Colorado Denver
Department of Mathematical & Statistical Science
Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program
Department of Biostatistics & Informatics

USPS Address:
PO Box 173364
Campus Box 170
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical Address:
Student Commons Building
1201 Larimer St
Room 4215
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 315-1714
Fax: (303) 315-1704



I have a track record of impactful research in statistical genetics and genomics as well as in development of programs in statistics and in statistical genetics. My positions have all had substantial research and teaching components. I enjoy working with and mentoring students and believe that I best serve their interests by striving to conduct meaningful research and using this experience to contextualize course material. Hence, I place great importance on both my research and teaching responsibilities and accomplishments. In addition, I have a sustained record of quality service and leadership to my department, university and the larger scientific community.


Methods and Designs in Statistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology including High-Dimensional Data, Multivariate Statistical Inference, Genetic Risk Prediction and Disease Sub-typing, Variance Components Methods, Multivariate Linkage, Family-Based Association Tests, and Meta-Analysis

More details on my work, including teaching interests and experience can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.