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Quantitative Literacy/Reasoning

Welcome to a web site devoted to Quantitative Literacy (QL) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR) . You will find ideas, problems, news stories, case studies, and links to Internet sites that are useful for teaching QR/QL courses; links to other QR/QL Internet sites; and some information about the book, Using and Understanding Mathematics - A Quantitative Reasoning Approach, Fourth Edition, Addison Wesley Longman (2005), by Jeff Bennett and Bill Briggs. This site is updated regularly. Please send new material and ideas! wbriggs@math.cudenver.edu

What is QL/QR?

QL/QR Courses and Programs

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QL Proficiency Questions

QL/QR Exercises/Problems from the News

Case Studies and Articles for Teaching

Internet sites (government, media, health, math/stat)

Web Page for the book Using and Understanding Mathematics, Fourth Edition

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Class notes for the CU-Denver Course - Spring 2002.


Updated June 10, 2007